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The Importance of Choosing the Right Bed

So many factors affect the quality of each night’s sleep, from the temperature in the bedroom to thread count of the sheets. However, one factor that most people rate above all others in the quest for a good night’s sleep is the comfort of the bed. An uncomfortable bed could be too soft or too hard, too hot or too cold, dipped in the middle or filled with lumps and bumps. All it takes is one bad night’s sleep on that uncomfortable bed for us to realise the extent to which sleep affects our day-to-day life. Whether we’re tired and irritable, or unable to attend to everyday tasks, the effects of inferior sleep can wind their way through every aspect of the following day.




With an acute understanding of the importance of sleep – and the role a bed plays in the quality of that sleep – TEMPUR works to provide only the highest level of comfort and support in every bed base and bed frame we create. We know that everyone is different. We know that some people prefer a softer feel while others need much firmer support, just as we know design can be just as important as the functionality on offer. Our range of bed bases and bed frames are designed to reflect your needs, so you can tailor the style of your bed to the look of your bedroom, while still enjoying the ideal level of comfort and support. When you’re looking for the most comfortable bed for the best possible night’s sleep, your search should start and end at TEMPUR.

What Makes TEMPUR Beds So Special?

Extensive Range

  • One of the reasons so many of our customers choose TEMPUR is the extensive range of bed bases and bed frames available. Providing a wide selection of options, we also offer a full range of sizes, including King Single and King.
  • Buying a bed from TEMPUR also allows you to select a number of additional features. Designed to increase the functionality and comfort of each bed, these features can include Bluetooth connectivity, USB power ports, wireless motion-sensitive remotes and three-level massage.


  • At TEMPUR, we believe everything we create should not only be comfortable and functional, it should also be built to last. Which is why we only use the highest quality materials, utilising the best craftsmanship and techniques. We want you to love our bed bases and bed frames as much as we do, over the longest possible time.


  • In fact, we rate our bed bases and bed frames so highly, we provide a 10 year warranty for all new purchases from authorised retailers, as standard and at no extra cost.