We know that TEMPUR is very different from the conventional pillows that are available today. So to help you decide if TEMPUR could be right for you, we've collected all of our most commonly asked questions together.

What materials are used?

The Comfort, Traditional, Breeze and Ombracio range of pillows are made of shredded TEMPUR which is enclosed in a TEMPUR membrane. This provides pressure relieving support with a huggable, easily-shaped feel.

The Original, Symphony and Millennium range of pillows are made from TEMPUR material which is poured into moulds. This provides consistent, all night support without shifting or reshaping.

How long does it take to get used to it?

For the ergonomic pillows, the cells within the TEMPUR material have not opened up yet. There is an adjustment period until the cells open up. Our advice is to sit on top of the pillow as weight and body warmth helps open up the cells. Do not roll them up as it can risk cracking the cells.

For the traditional pillows, these should feel more like a regular pillow so may not require time to get used to it. They may soften slightly.

I have neck ache / stiff neck, will sleeping on Tempur’s pillows eliminate my discomfort?

Although Tempur pillows have some therapeutic properties (pressure relieving and providing support to your neck), it is advisable to consult a qualified Medical Practitioner.

Compared to other brands of pillows, Tempur pillows are very expensive!

On average, a single person spends 1/3 of their lifetime sleeping. Look at it as an investment, with less than 22 cents a day (based on average pillow $200 and 3 year warranty) you can enjoy unparalleled comfort. It’s a sure bet! TEMPUR® is the only mattress and pillow brand recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

I find the Tempur pillow too firm to sleep on!

We recommend that you sit on the pillow to soften it. When the pillow is new, the cell structure in Tempur’s material is not fully open. By rolling, it helps the cells to open up and become more responsive giving a softer and more comfortable feel.

After using my Tempur pillow for a few months, I find it too soft. Will it still provide me with the necessary support?

Yes, of course! It is perfectly normal. The reason for the increased softness is that the open-cell structure found in Tempur material has opened up fully, thus promoting better ventilatand continued support to your neck while you sleep.

Can the TEMPUR pillow be washed?

The TEMPUR Material cannot be washed or dry cleaned. To clean a TEMPUR product, remove the cover and ventilate the TEMPUR material, or wipe off carefully using a well-wrung cloth to remove any surface stains or dirt. The coves can be removed and washed. During washing, the cover must be turned inside out and the zipper must be closed. Covers may be air- or tumble-dried.

Pillow cases: included? Available?

Pillow cases and protectors are available in all sizes.

Where is it made?

The pillows are made in Denmark.