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TEMPUR vs. Latex vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

Choosing the right style of mattress can be challenging. However, understanding the differences between the various styles on offer can help.

A memory foam mattress is designed to contour to the body, offering exceptional comfort, and support that is soft yet firm. Memory foam mattresses can also help to relieve pressure on the joints, allowing for better blood circulation for a perfectly supported and comfortable night’s sleep. But, unlike TEMPUR mattresses, generic memory foam lacks durability, compressing over time, so that it stops returning to its original shape to offer the support and comfort it should.

Latex mattresses are also designed to offer comfort and support, by contouring to the body to minimise pressure on the joints, and working to relieve back pain. But, due to its composition, latex tends to be more solid than memory foam, which can result in a more rubbery feel. As with generic memory foam, latex can also suffer durability issues, with latex mattresses often becoming excessively soft over time and developing uncomfortable sleep indentations.

Born from innovation, TEMPUR material was created using extensive research and testing, where TEMPUR scientists essentially reinvented the traditional mattress design. Continuously reacting to your body’s shape, weight and temperature, TEMPUR material is designed to offer superior support and comfort, returning to its original shape night after night. Providing outstanding durability, TEMPUR mattresses offer the best possible night’s sleep, for all styles of sleepers.

Why is a TEMPUR mattress right for me?

Helping you gently drift off to sleep, TEMPUR mattresses mould to your shape to offer immediate comfort. No more tossing and turning as you struggle to find that perfect sleep position, TEMPUR creates the support your body needs to help you fall asleep and enjoy a comfortable sleep all through the night.

Sufferers of back pain may also find relief on a TEMPUR mattress. By reducing pressure on your joints, your TEMPUR mattress works to relieve back pain, allowing you to enjoy a fully supported night’s sleep.

If your partner moves around a lot through the night, a TEMPUR mattress allows you to enjoy the undisturbed sleep you need for a perfectly restful night. Absorbing movement, TEMPUR material provides the support your partner needs, while reducing the disturbance you feel.

Other Important Benefits of TEMPUR Mattresses

  • Assisting allergy sufferers, all TEMPUR products feature a hypoallergenic cover that is antimicrobial treated for improved freshness.
  • All TEMPUR products are designed to be long-lasting. Unlike generic memory foam mattresses which can lose elasticity after a short time, TEMPUR material returns to its original shape day after day, year after year. This is backed by TEMPUR’s 10 year mattress warranty, available at no extra cost when purchased from an approved retailer.