Ergonomic Pillows

Why choose a contour pillow?

Contoured to support the head and neck, ergonomic pillows are designed to offer a more comfortable night’s rest, alongside a wide range of other benefits. Sometimes referred to as a contoured pillow or side sleeper pillow, an ergonomic pillow works to limit your movement through the night, while relieving pressure and providing full support for your neck. However, while they are often thought of as specifically a pillow for neck pain, these neck support pillows aren’t just for sufferers of neck and back pain. They can in fact be beneficial for everyone, and by offering improved comfort and reduced neck strain, can even help to reduce snoring.


Benefits of Ergonomic Pillows

  • When buying ergonomic pillows or memory foam pillows from TEMPUR, there is a wide selection of styles and sizes to choose from. Side sleepers could benefit from the TEMPUR Original Pillow, while back sleepers may prefer the TEMPUR Millennium Pillow. Those who prefer to sleep on their stomach should look to the TEMPUR Ombracio Pillow, while those who want a traditional shape for all-night support may prefer the TEMPUR Symphony Pillow.
  • Helping to reduce allergy-related issues, all TEMPUR ergonomic pillows feature an antimicrobial treated hypoallergenic cover, which works to maintain improved freshness.
  • Investing in TEMPUR ergonomic pillows means investing in durability. Unlike other memory foam pillows, TEMPUR ergonomic pillows return to their original shape day after day, ensuring it lasts longer than any other ergonomic pillow on the market.
  • To prove the confidence we have in our products, we provide a 3 year warranty on every ergonomic pillow in our range purchased from an accredited retailer.